Mobile Suites By Heaton Glamping

        The Making of Mobile Suites by Heaton

In July 2014 my Aunt Peggy turned 85 years young.  I received a call from cousin Brenda canvasing a location for this banner bash. Aunt Peggy (or as her Grandchildren refer to her as “Old Granny”) and her immediate family all live in Burlington, Ontario, however, she was born and raised in Guesto where most of her family still live. “Could you please host Old Granny’s birthday party at your home in Harrow?” 

So a party tent was set up, food was prepared, house was cleaned and music was organized.  People came from all over Ontario to celebrate Aunt Peggy’s 85th.  The problem was, where would all the out-of-towners sleep? Was my septic system going to over flow? YIKES!  I had bodies all over the house; they were on air mattresses, couches, floors and even on the porch futon.  Everywhere! With the exception my cousin Suzanne and her family, who had wisely set up their camper trailer in my yard, plugged into my hydro and water and voila…. their home away from home.  When I looked out the next morning there they were, the kids had eaten toasted pb & j and mom & dad were relaxing (more likely nursing hang overs) under the camper canopy in their lawn chairs drinking their coffees.  

Standing there staring out the window at them like some exhibit at the zoo, I suddenly had an “Oprah moment”.  I’ve spent two years jotting down ideas (I’m a Pinterest addict!) talking to wineries, bankers, friends & relatives. Essex County is a perfect location for this type of mobile accommodation.  What do you do with out of town guests when your home can’t accommodate four adults and two children? Or, your in-laws are coming for a visit and they just don’t want to impose on you. Guests can enjoy peace & privacy and convenience of a fully equipped mobile suite without having to drive down the road in search of a room to rent. Have a wedding party photo shoot at a winery or at the Old Mill in Harrow? Why not rent Rosie the mobile glamper to relax in over the course of the afternoon? Wouldn’t a girl’s night in slumber party be fun in a glamped up mobile suite?

My decision to name my first glamper “Rosie” was an easy one. Rose Heaton was my Paternal Grandmother who was entrepreneurial beyond her years.  I distinctly remember her dipping buggie birds in coloured water to sell according to the upcoming holiday. Pink & mint green for Easter, Red & blue for Christmas.  She started selling Real Estate for Kubis Reality at the young age of 78.  The only reason she retired at 92 was because they took her drivers license away from her!  So yes, entrepreneur blood runs through my veins.

Rosie is like staying at your Grandma’s house.  She’s accommodating, cozy, beautifully decorated, inviting and most of all convenient. 

I already have plans for a second glamper.  His name will be “Uncle B” after my brother Brian Heaton who was the manufacture of Heaton Custom Goalie Equipment.  Yes, the same Heaton entrepreneurial blood ran through his veins too! Uncle B will have a western style theme given that Brian was a true blue cowboy.  He’d be so proud!

So there you have the story about how Mobile Suites by Heaton all started. Give us a call.  We’ll deliver Rosie right to your door, set up the canopy, place the lawn chairs and leave the light on for your company.  I hope you enjoy your stay in Rosie the glamper.